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CSISCA provides consistent opportunities for strengthened community connection, lifelong learning, and continued education to College of Southern Idaho faculty, staff, students, and community members.

CSISCA stands as a vital hub of connection, curating a treasure trove of shared experiences and collective memories about the college and the Magic Valley community. An archives meticulously preserves and safeguards records and artifacts that trace the journey of the institution and its pivotal role within the community. This type of repository encompasses academic records, administrative files, photographs, multimedia materials, and personal papers from community members, narrating a rich story of the institution's past. Through this preservation, the archives fortifies the bond between the college and its surroundings, marking its status as a key historical landmark in the local community.

Beyond its role as a custodian of records, the archives pulses with learning opportunities. It welcomes students, faculty, and community members into an engaging, hands-on classroom in which historical records are the instructors. This unique learning environment inspires individuals to explore the past, dive into primary sources, and deepen their understanding of their community and its heritage. Direct interaction with original documents and artifacts enriches students' educational experience, giving the archives an integral role in complementing education in multiple forms and contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of many topics.

In its twin roles as an educational institution and a historical bastion, the archives links the past, present, and future. It weaves a detailed, well-documented chronicle of the college and its surrounding community, enlightening generations about their shared heritage. This quest for exploration and intellectual curiosity kindles a passion for learning. By making these historical pieces accessible, the archives resonates with the essence of education – fostering knowledge, encouraging lifelong learning, and cultivating a deep sense of community connection.


Digital Initiatives Librarian and Archivist

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Reed C. Hepler
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The College of Southern Idaho Special Collections and Archives would like to thank the Idaho State Historical Records Advisory Board and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), whose financial and advisory support have facilitated the creation of these pages and records. For more information on the NHPRC, visit