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About the CSI Library: Policy: Borrowing & Reserves

Mission, policies, services, staff, and contact information

Checkout Periods and Limits (updated 5/9/22)

Individuals may check out library materials if they have a current library card. CSI students, faculty and staff must register at the Library by completing a Library Card Application form at the circulation (front) desk. CSI Students, faculty and staff use their CSI ID card as their Library card. In order to borrow items from the Library, CSI students must have a current semester sticker on their card. The library has stickers available.

Loan Periods:

  • Books, DVDs, CDs, Playaways, board games and journals may be checked out for four weeks. These items may be renewed three times.  
  • There is no limit on the number of books that can be checked out.  
  • DVDs, CDs, and Playaways are limited to 3 items at a time. 
  • Board Games are limited to 2 items at a time.  
  • Reference books cannot be checked out. 

Text Message Overdue Notification:  

You can receive library overdue notices as text messages (SMS) on your phone. These brief messages will not include all details like titles or due dates, but will give you the Library’s phone number to renew your items. The Library does not charge a fee for this service, but text message charges from your cell phone carrier may apply. To sign up for text message overdue notices, ask at the Circulation Desk. Patrons can opt-out of text message overdue notices at any time by notifying the CSI Library by email at calling 208-732-6500. 

Overdue and Non-Returned Items

When items become overdue by seven days, a first overdue notice will be sent to the patron, with a second notice following seven days later.  After another week, a final notice will be sent.  At the time the item is one month overdue, a bill for replacement charges will be sent to the patron.  If the item is still not returned, a letter of intent (via certified mail) will be sent to the patron informing them that their account (with a $10 excessive late fee per item) will be turned over to a collection agency if the item is not returned by a specified date (usually two weeks).  After the deadline has passed, the account will be turned over to a collection agency. 

Any students who do not return items at the end of the semester will have a hold placed on their student records by the library.

CSI Library Community Card Policy (updated 6/20/2023)

Policy Statement:
The College of Southern Idaho Library recognizes the importance of equitable access to information and resources for all individuals within the taxing districts that financially support CSI. In order to promote inclusivity and support lifelong learning, the library offers free library cards to adults (18+ years) residing within the counties of Jerome and Twin Falls.

Policy Details:

a. The free library card service is available to individuals who are legal adult residents (18+ years) within the taxing districts that provide financial support to the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) Library. The eligible counties include Jerome and Twin Falls.

Proof of Residency:
a. To obtain a free library card, individuals must present a photo ID and a valid proof of residency within one of the designated taxing districts. Accepted forms of proof may include a driver's license, state-issued identification card, utility bill, lease agreement, or any other official document indicating the individual's name and address within the eligible counties. Please see Appendix A for more information.

Application Process:
a. Prospective library cardholders can apply for a free library card in person at the College of Southern Idaho Library.

b. The library staff will provide assistance to applicants, guiding them through the registration process and verifying their eligibility.

c. Applicants will be required to complete a registration form, providing necessary personal information and agreeing to abide by the library's terms and conditions.

Library Card Privileges:
a. With a free library card, eligible individuals will have access to the full range of the CSI library’s physical resources, services, and facilities provided by the College of Southern Idaho Library.

b. Cardholders can borrow books, audiobooks, music CDs, DVDs, and other physical materials from the library's collection.

c. The library card will be valid for a specified period, typically one year, and can be renewed upon expiration, subject to the library's renewal policy.

Responsibilities of Cardholders:
a. Library cardholders are fiscally responsible for any materials borrowed on their card and are expected to adhere to the library's borrowing and usage policies.

b. Cardholders must promptly report any loss or theft of their library card to the library staff.
c. Any change in personal information, such as address or contact details, must be promptly communicated to the library staff to ensure accurate record keeping.

a. Library cards are non-transferable and can only be used by the individual to whom they are issued.
b. Loaning library cards to others is strictly prohibited.

Policy Review:
a. This policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness and relevance to the mission and goals of the College of Southern Idaho Library.

b. Any necessary revisions or updates to this policy will be proposed, discussed, and implemented by the appropriate library authorities.

Adoption and Implementation:
This policy will be adopted by the College of Southern Idaho Library administration and implemented as of the specified effective date. The library staff will be responsible for communicating and enforcing this policy, providing necessary support to residents eligible for free library cards within the designated taxing districts.

Effective Date:
This policy will be effective as of June 19th, 2023.

Approved by:
Reba Puente
Library Director

Appendix A

Acceptable Patron Photo ID:

Acceptable Proof of Address:

Current Idaho State ID

Current Idaho State ID

Current Out-of-State ID

Utility dated within the last 30 days

Current Passport

Mailed envelope postmarked within the last 30 days

Current Military ID

USPS Address Forward Verification Letter

Current Student ID Card

Current Proof of Motor Vehicle Insurance

Current Permanent Resident Card (aka Green


Paycheck stub, within the last pay period

Photo ID from a Correctional Facility

Copy of signed Lease or Rental Agreement

Reserving or Placing Holds (11/15/2011)

Holds may be placed on items that are currently not available. Items may not be renewed if a hold has been placed on it. Holds can be placed in person, over the phone or via e-mail. Holds placed via e-mail should be sent to Allison Beard ( and should include the following information:

  • Patron's full name
  • Contact information where patron can be reached to be notified when the item is available to be picked up
  • CSI ID number
  • Title and author of the item to be placed on hold


Returning Library Materials

Library material may be returned to any of the three Library return boxes. There is one located outside of the Library in the lobby of the Meyerhoeffer Building and two located at the circulation desk.

Reserve Collection

CSI Faculty and staff may place personal, departmental, or Library items in the Reserve Collection. Information that must accompany items when being placed on Reserve includes:

  • Course title
  • Instructor
  • Lending parameters – which may range from library use only to four week checkout 
  • Length of time the item should remain on Reserve - faculty may indicate when they would like the items returned or if they would like them left on Reserve for the entire semester. 
  • If there are restrictions concerning student access to the item, a list of students must be provided at the time the item is placed on Reserve.

Checkout of Reserve items is restricted to faculty, staff, and students.