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About the CSI Library: Miami Vice Murder Mystery

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Navigate the windows below to discover 9 clues that will point you to the weapon, location, and killer. Open up a new tab or window to search the library catalog ( for all of these clues. Pay special attention to the information you'll be asked to transcribe. Most of the clues will ask for numbers in a call number, excluding the letters right next to them. Searching the catalog with the information provided in the "clue" slides will bring you to your resource. Write this info down and follow the instructions on the 3rd clue in order to find the weapon, location and killer. For maximum fun, journey through the mystery in numerical order from Suspect #1 through Suspect #9. Click the right arrow only to advance the slides and learn about the suspects, their motives, potential weapons, and where they might have performed the murder. Email if you're stuck, or if you finish and you'd like a shiny certificate. Read the short story below to get into character. And most importantly, have fun!

You’re a high-roller at the A. Lee Gull Casino in downtown Miami, and things are looking up. You just won big tonight playing Texas Hold ‘Em and the casino president, Alice Lee-Gull, has comped you her executive suite for the night.

You stay back for a bit, recapping the game with your fellow players, while Alice takes the elevator up to the suite to ensure everything is in order. After some laughs and banter, you go up to the suite. You’re so thrilled to luxuriate in the swanky digs that you don’t notice the blood on the gold doorknob as you grasp it to enter the room. But once inside you do notice the room in absolute disarray and signs of a struggle: a messy bed, an open safe, broken vases and upended chairs.

Unable to remain at the hotel you make your way home and immediately fall into bed. Upon waking from a fitful night of sleep, you stagger to the living room to open your laptop and check the news to see if there are any stories about last night. You watch a Miami PD press conference and find out that Alice is missing and presumed dead but the police say they lack any evidence to pursue a case, even though you left the suite as it was – a total mess. “How could there be no evidence?” You ask yourself. Yearning to shed light on this bizarre coverup you go to your local library to see if research can help you unravel this mystery. You need to find some evidence that will point you to the killer – How did Alice die? Where was she killed? And Whodunit?!



  • Cuban native
  • Overworked and underpaid
  • Pablo Kilo's childhood friend and "business" partner
  • Recently contacted by Alice Lee Gull about drugs found in her casino
  • Miami PD representative at the press conference

You found this gun in a dumpster behind the casino. There's a strange white substance on the grip, but since there was no investigation the police never dusted for prints...


Ernesto's workplace - he's also been known to haunt the docks and city hall. Is this his beat or is something more sinister afoot?


Ernesto is a history buff, and as such knows that forging powerful partnerships can usher in great success. "It's like Hitler and his Italian allies." He tells his wife, Alejandra, when describing his nefarious network. She chides him for his artless analog, but nonetheless understands what he's trying to convey.

Search the library catalog for this resource. Click on the title, and write down the first 5 numbers of the item's barcode.  

__ __ __ __ __ 


  • Alice Lee Gull's right-hand-man
  • Has a close eye on Tex S. Oldham after he caught him counting cards
  • After roughing up Tex, he offered Raoul a cut of his earnings
  • Alice just denied him a raise making Tex's offer very attractive. But Alice will know he's abetting Tex
  • What's a pit boss to do? 

At the casino you saw Raoul sporting his brass knuckles that he's affectionately named his "championship rings." Although a possible biohazard, Raoul doesn't clean them for purposes of intimidation. Tex's face can attest to the blood on these trophies, but since you can't test for DNA, can you really be sure the blood is his? 


Raoul's place of employment. It would require the least amount of effort to ice Alice in her own casino, but that would also be extremely risky. Would Raoul's desperation inspire that level of recklessness? 


Casino games are Raoul's bread and butter, but will his short temper be his undoing? Alice tends to look the other way when it comes to his violent nature, but lately it's scaring people off rather than ensuring honest play. 

Search the library catalog for this giant book and note the first four numbers of the item's call number

__ __ __ __


  • Las Vegas Casino owner who walks with a cane and a limp
  • In Miami to expand his casino empire
  • Visits the A. Lee Gull casino to scope the local competition
  • "Consulted" with Malissa Diggs and Cay Mann about new property
  • Diggs says it'd be easier to "buy out" Alice Lee Gull

You've espied Mauricio many-a-time walking with his cane and signature limp. The red leather handle seems incongruous somehow since Mauricio isn't a flashy dresser. Something here just doesn't add up and you wonder if the leather handle somehow became red after he purchased it...


You've seen Mauricio haunting the A. Lee Gull casino a few weeks prior to Alice getting whacked. He's never gaming, just skulking the floor. Despite never spending any money here (save for the buffet) Raoul and him seem pretty chummy...


Mauricio sees red when folks ask him if he's named after that Shakespeare character in Romeo and Juliet. For the life of him he can't recall how many times this has happened. But the last person on record to do this met his cane with a bloody vengeance.  

Search for this item in the library catalog and write down the first four numbers of the item's call number. Combine all of the weapon clues in-order, then search this string of numbers in the library catalog under the "ISBN" field value in the drop-down menu to the left of the search bar. You've found the weapon! 


  • Offshore Banking "representative"
  • Keeps an exclusive clients list that includes Alice Lee Gull's casino
  • Last seen lunching with Pablo Kilo and Ernesto Infiel
  • Visited Domingo Dinero in his office and persuaded him to halt an investigation into his "consultation work"
  • Alice Lee Gull threatening to find another, more law-abiding, banker

Cay Mann's signature briefcase. No one but him has ever seen what's inside of it, and when you spotted him strutting out of the bank it was noticeably absent. That briefcase's got some sharp corners...


Cay Mann's official place of business, although the PO box on his "Shell Corporation" business card lies somewhere between Cuba and Honduras. His clients' investments are strictly privileged.


The everyday citizen can be forgiven for having forgotten Cay Mann's scandalous trial in which he was found guilty of laundering money for the then lawyer, Domingo Dinero. Neither of the two did any time for their crimes, the understanding being that they had powerful connections to continue their business unabated. It seems the scandal only helped in their future success...

Find this book in the library catalog and write down the first three numbers in the item's call number.

___ ___ ___



  • Local politician who promised to fight back against the illegal drug trade
  • Former lawyer whose clients were Pablo Kilo, Malissa Diggs, and Cay Mann
  • His platform promise was defied when Alice Lee Gull went public about drugs found in her casino
  • He won't get any more bribes from Pablo if Alice doesn't keep quiet

Domingo's customized pen that he uses to finalize all his dealings. Rumor has it that he uses blood to sign contracts to give them a symbolic finality. Is the red stuff at the nib remnants of his ritualistic bureaucracy? Or could he have dipped his pen in someone else's inkwell? 


Domnigo's place of is where he works. He claims to be a man of the people, but getting in touch with him is nearly impossible. In doing your reconnaissance you've noticed he spends more time at the bank, casinos, police station, and the docks...



On the topic of personality, Domingo is a strange case. Being human is a daily challenge: making small talk, smiling, and generally acting like he cares about people doesn't come naturally to him. Though he puts on a good show - it seems his emotions are practiced, not genuine. This tends to put you in a funk.

Find this book in the library catalog using the "Title" field in the drop-down menu and write down the first three numbers in the item's call number.

__ __ __ 


  • Certified shark
  • Fled Vegas to duck Mauricio Gambino
  • One of Cay Mann's top clients
  • Accused by Alice Lee Gull of counting cards
  • Needs to choose between playing clean or getting 86'd from the casino
  • Perhaps there's a third option... 

Tex is always playing with his knife at the poker tables. It's either a nervous habit, gamesmanship, or both. It's off-putting nonetheless. He's been told by Raoul to keep it off the table "The felt!" you've heard him scream more than once. Something tells you that the poker table isn't the only place he uses it as an intimidation tactic. 


Tex is a regular at the A. Lee Gull casino, so much that Alice comps him hotel rooms most nights. This, Alice figures, incentivizes him to keep gaming at her casino so she can continue to monitor his card counting machinations. It would be a bold move to kill the owner at her own hotel, but Tex seems like the kind of guy who is risk averse. 


A short history: Tex's modern persona is influenced by his father's stint as a US soldier stationed in Korea. In his down time gambled via card games for petty cash and cigarettes. He would clean up every game leading his fellow soldiers to suspect foul play. 

Find this book in the library catalog and write down the first three numbers in the item's call number. Combine all of the location clues in-order, go to the "ebook collections" from the library homepage. Use the EBSCO HOST database to enter these numbers in the search bar. You've found the location! 



  • Owner of a floundering second-rate casino
  • Outbid by Alice Lee Gull for dream casino
  • Bought her property via Domingo Dinero's network, including his banker connect, Cay Mann
  • Just filed for bankruptcy. Still hates Alice Lee Gull

Malissa's lucky shovel she uses for any ground-breaking ceremonies she markets to the press. You caught a glimpse of it as she hastily covered it with some clothes in the trunk of her car. You noticed it had some red coloring on it...


Malissa cut corners on construction to pay Domingo's exorbitant finder's-fee. But Domingo's assurance that this was an "up-and-coming" neighborhood was misleading. You've noticed more stray dogs than customers some days, and the sign guys misspelled "casino." 


Malissa's downfall is her failure to adjust to the ever-changing word of gaming. She's stuck in what she dubs the "golden years of gambling" when people didn't mind walking around with cupfuls of coins, and the seedy clientele was part of the appeal. Even if she had her ideal casino, her stubbornness, not the location, would eventually implode her investments. 

Find this item in the library catalog and write down the 3 alphanumeric characters in the middle of the item's call number. 

___ ___ ___


  • Your friendly neighborhood drug smuggler
  • Spends most of his time at the docks
  • Ernesto Infiel's childhood friend
  • All he needs to know he learned from being in a street gang
  • Recently informed by Ernesto about his product being found at the A. Lee Gull Casino
  • Baseball fanatic

As a kid, Pablo always wanted to be a professional baseball player. But the closest he can get is playing in a recreational softball league. He seems to carry over his baseball persona to his workplace, where you've seen him walk around holding his bat over his shoulder, like he's perennially on-deck.


No one seems to know what exactly comes through Pablo's warehouse. The trucks that come and go are non-descript, and his business cards simply describe him as an "importer-exporter." This leads you to believe that he runs a less-than-legal enterprise. 


The complete commercial dealings of Pablo Kilo remain an enigma. His publicly available business documents are more like impenetrable poems than memorandums, and his day-to-day operations are innocuous enough that they don't arouse suspicion. Something's off here, but it seems impossible to prove. 

Find this item in the library catalog and write down the first four numbers of the book's call number

___ ___ ___ ___


  • 2nd in command to Alice, 1st to be her punching bag
  • Ernesto Infiel's one-and-only
  • Accepted a job from Malissa Diggs just before her casion took a turn for the worse
  • Back working at a dead-end job
  • Ernesto's kickbacks are at their lowest ever since Domingo took office
  • Things would be easier sans Alice

When you ambled about the casino asking after Alice, you came across Alejandra in her office. You saw her superlative "trophy" on its side in disarray with the rest of her desk. "This is what I get instead of a raise." She points out. When you ask her about the red stuff on the trophy she says "Oh that's just hot sauce." 


Alejandra's haunt, but solely in the professional sense. She wouldn't gamble here if her life depended on it. Not only has working in a casino made gaming lost its glitter, but she doesn't want to endure the stress of being in the building if she doesn't have to. Offing Alice in her own casino would certainly economical, plus she could shield herself legally through her inside man, Ernesto. 


Alejandra is not only fed up with her job, but also the rundown part of the city she and Ernesto live in. Her cousin, Jerome, is their landlord so they get a deal on the rent, but living next to a wastewater processing plant is less-than-ideal. 

Find this item in the library catalog, click on the title and write down the last three numbers of the series title.

Go to the "articles databases" page from the library homepage. Scroll down to "Economics and Theory (Gale OneFile)," and once in the database click on the "advanced search" link below the search bar. Click on the field drop-down menu and select "Gale Document Number" and enter the code you cobbled together from the clues. Hit "search" and you've nabbed the killer! Well done super sleuth!