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About the CSI Library: Policy: Donor Information

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Information for Donors


The CSI Foundation frequently receives offers of books and other material for the benefit of the CSI Library, and we appreciate this interest in the collections. In order to avoid misunderstanding about the use and/or disposition of such items it is recommended that prospective donors be aware of our policies and procedures on donations as stated below.

The Library makes purchases and adds donated materials to its collection based on its Collection Development Policy. The Library therefore reserves the right to decide whether or not a donated item will be added to the collection. An item that is not added may be a duplicate of a book or other material that is already in the Library, and of which additional copies are not required; out-of-date or obsolete; not of an informational content or level that is needed by our users; or in poor physical condition marked, or damaged. Generally, videotapes, audiocassettes, journals, magazines and newspapers other than issues missing from our current collections, are not accepted. 

Donated books and other materials that are useful to the Library are integrated with the general collections. Useful but unneeded gifts, may, at the discretion of the Library, be offered to other libraries, agencies, CSI students, faculty and staff who may want them; sold to support the Library Endowment Fund; or discarded.

The Library regrets that it is not able to provide an official evaluation of gifts: as recipient of a gift we are not permitted to do this and the evaluation of the gift is the responsibility of the donor in consultation with his or her tax adviser. Neither can we provide an exact title list: this is also the responsibility of the donor. We will however provide an official receipt of the gift stating the quantity received, and, if requested, give some guidance to donors on methods of estimating a fair current value of second-hand items.

The Library is very appreciative of the many useful items that have been donated but is not able to accept gifts to which the donor wishes to apply restrictive conditions.

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(Revised 09/11/2016)