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About the CSI Library: Policy: Interlibrary Loans

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Interlibrary Loan (9/5/2008)

  • CSI borrows through the OCLC WorldCat Resource Sharing database provided by Lili Unlimited, an Idaho State Library program..
  • CSI follows the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States and the Idaho Interlibrary Sharing Guidelines.
  • We borrow only in the continental United States.
  • CSI does not borrow items already owned by the library.
  • Requests will be filled in this order: student, faculty & staff, courtesy card holders.
  • Patrons must show a current CSI ID card. Students must have a current semester’s sticker.
  • There are no loan fees charged to students, faculty and staff for items obtained through the LVIS Consortium. There is a fee for rush requests with the Consortium. Community card holders will be required to pay any loan fees charged by the lending library.
  • Patrons are responsible for any fines resulting from loss of the item while in their possession. These charges will be decided by the lending library.
  • There is a $1.00 per day overdue fine charged for items not returned on time. This fee starts with closing time the day the item is due and charged every day the library is open, including the day the item is returned.
  • If a renewal request is made before the due date, there will be no overdue fee charged while waiting for the lending library’s response. If renewal is denied the patron will have a 24-hour grace period from the time they are informed that the renewal request has been denied before any overdue fees will begin.
  • Check-outs are limited to 10 items which includes ILL and/or CSI items.
  • More than 10 requests may be submitted, but need to be prioritized as incoming requests from other patrons will receive priority and a patron’s remaining requests will be processed as time permits.
  • Our loan for books is for 3 weeks, or less, depending on the loaning library’s due date; for feature films our loan is 3 days. On educational/instructional films (documentaries, how-to) students and community card holders have a 3 day checkout. We do not request TV series on DVD.
  • We will request only 1 renewal from the lending library.
  • We follow any use restrictions placed by lending library, i.e. LIBRARY USE ONLY, etc.
  • A patron must wait 6 months before requesting the same titles again.
  • All requests for articles must comply with U.S. Copyright Law.