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Articles (Databases A-Z)

Log in from off campus

If you are off campus, or using your phone or tablet on campus, the computer will ask you to log in.

  • Type your CSI username only, like this: jdoe (leave off
  • After that, type your password.


Searching More than One Database

EBSCOhost Databases

In EBSCOhost databases such as Academic Search Premier and MasterFILE Premier, you can select several databases to search at once using the Choose Databases link above the Basic Search box.

GALE Databases

Gale Power Search allows you to search any or all of their databases at the same time. 


EBSCO Discovery Service

EDS searches all of our databases (EBSCO, GALE, and others) as well as the contents of our library catalog. Use this powerful tool for the widest search possible.