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United States History: 1492-1599 Timeline


1492 Columbus lands at San Salvador (Bahamas)

1492 Slavery and Genocide begins in the "New World"

1493 San Juan Bautista (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

1496-1498 Santo Domingo Settled (Oldest European city in Americas)

1497 John Cabot visits Newfoundland(?)

1513 Ponce de Leon Explores Coast of Florida

1524 Verrazzano (France) explores coast from Maine to North Carolina


1532-1534 Pizarro Conquers Inca Empire

1534-1763 New France (Colony)

1539-1540 Zuni Pueblo (New Mexico)

1539-1542 De Soto explore Florida, Southeast, Mississippi

1540 The Battle of Mabila

1540 Tiguex War

1542 Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo Explores California Coast


1559-1561 Pensacola, Florida (Spanish)

1562-1563 Charlesfort (French)

Became Santa Elena (Spanish) 1566-1587


1564-1569 Fort Caroline

1565 St. Augustine Florida

1571 Ajacán Mission (Virginia Peninsula)


1579 Sir Francis Drake Claims New Albion (North America above Mexico) for England

1585 Roanoke

1598 Spanish Expansion in New Mexico (founding of Province of Santa Fe)

1599 Acoma Massacre