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United States History: Slavery Timeline

1751 Slavery legalized in Georgia

1769 Slavery in California (Spain - Mexico - US)

1783 Slavery abolished in Massachusetts

1800 Slave Trade Act of 1800

1807 Act Prohibiting Importation of Slaves

1818 Treaty of 1818

1819 Act to Protect the Commerce of the United States and Punish the Crime of Piracy

1847 Slavery begins in Utah

1848 Slavery abolished in Connecticut

1850 Slavery in New Mexico (US)

1850 Clear Lake Massacre (California)

1852 Act in Relation to Service (Utah Territory)

1852 Act for the relief of Indian Slaves and Prisoners (Utah Territory)

1857 Slavery ends in New Hampshire

1863 (January 1) Emancipation Proclamation

1864 (November 1) Slavery abolished in Maryland

1865 (December 6) Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Abolishes Slavery