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Artificial Intelligence Links

Artificial Intelligence has become a byword among students and teachers alike, as well as administrators and professionals. Many are nervous about the effects of ChatGPT, Lensa, GPT-4, and other AI technologies on education, culture, work efficiency, and ethics. However, these tools do not have to be feared if they are used appropriately. The following links will help you understand artificial intelligence and how you can use it ethically.

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Artificial Intelligence

Computers & Electronics

Web Design (HTML5 & CSS3)

More on Computer Graphics

Computer Science

Computer Drawing


Computer Components

From Philip's Encyclopedia

The main components of a computer are: (1) the central processing unit (CPU); (2) RAM; (3) BIOS and ROM chips; (4) the mother board; (5) expansion cards; (6) video card; (7) expansion slots; (8) optical disc drive; (9) floppy disc drive; (10) hard disc; (11) monitor; (12) keyboard; (13) mouse; (14) power supply, and (15) loudspeaker.

Portable Computers

Notebook Computer
From The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide

The component parts of a notebook computer. Although as powerful as a microcomputer, the battery pack enables the notebook to be used while travelling. (Image © RM)

Programming & Software

Electronics & Hardware