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Technology: Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence Links

Generative Artificial Intelligence has become a byword among students and teachers alike, as well as administrators and professionals. Many are nervous about the effects of ChatGPT, Lensa, GPT-4, and other AI technologies on education, culture, work efficiency, and ethics. However, these tools do not have to be feared if they are used appropriately. The following links will help you understand generative artificial intelligence and how you can use it ethically.

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Knowledge Nest Episodes Related to GenAI

CSI Syllabus Statement on AI: CSI recognizes that artificial intelligence (hereafter, “AI”) can complement and enhance learning. CSI instructors may advise learners about the appropriate use of AI tools in their course. Learners are expected to do their own work and exercise critical thinking to cultivate ethical approaches when incorporating AI content in their work. Learners are responsible for checking the quality and accuracy of AI content and may be required to provide clear documentation of AI use and illustrate their processes. Improper use may be subject to the CSI Academic Integrity Policy.

GenAI in Higher Education in Idaho Shared Principles

Generative AI Committee

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