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Research Tips & Peer Reviewed Articles: Scholarly Articles in Books

Scholar reading

Peer-Reviewed Books?

We usually think the term "peer-reviewed" only applies to scholarly journal articles, but it also applies to scholarly books. In the CSI Library, you will see this kind of book most often in our ebook collections.

According to the American Association of University Publisher (AAUP),

...Works initially submitted as complete manuscripts receive one or more rounds of review. It is especially common for first books to be subject to several rounds of review and revision, depending on initial reviews and manuscript and audience aspirations, whereas the work of more experienced authors may more commonly receive only one round of peer review. press contracts usually specify that publication is contingent upon both peer reviews of the complete manuscript and the project’s acceptance by the press’s faculty or governance board....

Some completed manuscripts also undergo several rounds of review. On occasion, particularly with revised dissertations and first books, a peer-reviewed full manuscript is put under contract with the stipulation that the work will be reviewed again after extensive revision....

Examples from Scholarly Books

This book has one author. Google the author

to check his credentials.

It was published by a university press.

The notes for each chapter are collected

in a section near the end of the book.

The notes tell the reader that the author

took great care to record all of his sources.

The list of references gives the full

information about every item that is

mentioned in the notes.


This book has two editors who

also contributed some of the articles. 

It was published by a university press.


The contents page tells you who wrote

each chapter of the book.

The first page of each chapter includes

a note at the bottom that describes the

qualifications of the writer. Information

about the two editors is included at the

bottom of the first page of chapter one.

The notes for each chapter are given

at the end of that chapter. 


Signs of an Academic Book

Look for these signs that a book is peer-reviewed:

  • it is from a university press
  • authors are affiliated with a college, university, or research center (google author names for more info about them)
  • contains footnotes, endnotes, and/or a bibliography that cite information sources used by the author(s)
  • an editor has collected scholarly articles by multiple authors