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Idaho Career Information System - CIS

  1. The login is: csi
  2. The user name is: 1career
  3. Hover over Occupations in the center of the page and click on Occupations in the dropdown box.  You will see occupation A-Z.
  4. Click on a career of interest.  On the left hand side there is great information regarding the career including occupation, what you would study, videos of what the career might look like, etc.
  5. If you click on “Program of Study” it opens up a list of programs you could study within that career. 
  6. Click on one.
  7. On the left side, is a list of admission requirements, in Idaho and US colleges and Universities, Occupations, and Scholarships.
  8. Click on one of the schools and you will get links to all schools offering degrees in the chosen field with contact information.

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