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COMM 140 Digital Communication: Course Overview

Digital Communication explores the challenges, opportunities, and realities that new channels of communication present in the 21st Century. The course will cover personal, academic, and professional applications of a variety of digital communication from

COMM 140

LibGuide Blogging Assignment Description

Students are expected to create and maintain a blog as part of the course.  The blogs will be hosted on a CSI Libguide page dedicated to digital communication. Blogs allow you to reference news you see on the Internet, link to that news, provide your own commentary, and engage in a dialog with other visitors to your blog about the issues addressed.

A post should consist of a link to an online news resource related to that week’s topic, along with a quick summary of the important point(s) and your own personal analysis. Blog posts should pay particular attention to the news reporting techniques, bias of the reporter of that story, or larger significance of the story itself to the topic at hand. 

Blogs should be about 2 to 5 paragraphs long.  They should include any citations to support your claims or information you are providing.  You may embed or put the citations as footnotes.  The style should be informative yet conversational.  Because blogs take less time than formal papers, this allows you share your ideas and short summary regarding the article you have chosen.


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