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About the CSI Library: Interlibrary Loan

Mission, policies, services, staff, and contact information

Interlibrary Loan

What is it?

A system for borrowing books and obtaining copies of magazine and journal articles from other libraries.

Who can use it?

Registered CSI students, CSI staff and faculty, extension students (BSU, ISU, U of I, and NNU students taking classes on our campus), and Courtesy Card holders. 

How do I use it?

1. Send your requests by email to: .

  • Include the complete citation for the item you are requesting.

If you are a CSI student, staff or faculty member, please include your CSI email address in the body of the email (so that we can contact you)

  • Students must include their student ID number
  • Note: students must have paid their tuition or have a loan agreement as well as registered with the CSI Library each semester before checking materials out or using ILL. If you have not already stopped by the CSI Library to register, please include this additional information with your request (your full name, cell phone number, alternate phone number, local mailing address or dorm box number, permanent address if different, and an alternate contact person with phone number.

2. Call (208) 732-6513.

3. Or, come to the CSI Library and ask in person.





How long does it take?

Most article requests take 2-3 days, and books normally take ten working days. In rare cases, requests for either can take up to three weeks. It is important to start your project early to allow plenty of time to receive your materials.

What is a “good citation”?

Complete and accurate information about a book or article makes processing your request faster. If you are unsure about your citation, please ask a Reference Librarian or the Interlibrary Loan Librarian for assistance before submitting the request.

  • Book Citation: title, author, and edition, or year of publication if date published is important.

  • Article Citation: title of article, author, title of publication, volume, issue, date, and pagination.

How much does it cost?

  • CSI students and staff: No processing fee, except for Rush requests.

  • Courtesy card holders: Any fees charged by the libraries that we borrow from, plus Rush fees.



What’s the best way to use ILL?

  1. Plan Ahead: start your research as soon as you have received your assignment so you will have time to obtain items through ILL.

  2. Search CSI Library Catalog: check the catalog and databases to find items for your research.

  3. Seek Assistance: if unable to find what you require, ask our Reference Librarians for aid in finding items to fill your needs.
  4. Submit ILL Request: requests for books may be submitted:
    • through the WORLDCAT Database that is found on the Library website,
    • or on the paper request form located by the ILL office window,
    • or at the Circulation Desk.

Requests may also be submitted by email, directly from a database, or as a book request. All emails must include the requestor’s CSI email address and (student) CSI ID number.

Are there any limits?

Please prioritize your requests if you are requesting more than 10 items. You may submit more than 10 requests, but incoming requests from other patrons will receive priority, and your remaining requests will be processed as time permits.

Are there any restrictions?

We must follow the guidelines of the library that has lent us the material. Length of loan, renewals, and restriction to library use only, are determined by the lending library.

All requests must comply with U.S. Copyright Law.

Can ILL items be renewed?

Sometimes. Each lending library has different policies. Renewals may be requested by contacting the ILL office by email, phone, or in person.

Can I order textbooks through ILL?

No. Textbooks are not an ILL option.