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About the CSI Library: Current Displays

Mission, policies, services, staff, and contact information

What is on Display?

There are seven display areas in the Library: Two glass cases - one outside the entrance, and one in the foyer. Two bookcases just to the right of the foyer, one on the map cabinet against the north wall, and a small desk against the east wall. There is also a periodicals display against the east wall. Enjoy these photos of current and past displays!

Items that can be Used in the Library


Full-size skeleton model



Molecular Visions - molecule building kit


January 2023 IT'S COLD!

December 2022 Cat Lover's Month

December 2022 periodicals

December 2022 How Does it Work? Display

September 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month

September 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month

August 2022 Book Lovers Day

August 2022 Periodicals

July 2022 Cell Phone Courtesy Month

July 2022 Periodicals

July 2022 Culinary Arts Month

World Read Aloud Feb. 2, 2022

January 2023 MLK Jr. Day

December 2022 Write a Business Plan Month

September 2022 National Wilderness Month

September 2022 Self Improvement Month

August 2022 American Artist Appreciation Month

August 2022 Book to Movie

July 2022 Parks and Recreation Month

July 2022 Take Your Poet to Work Day

April 2022 - Community College Month



January 2023 ¡Leamos!

January 2023 Copyright Law

December 2022 Big Ideas Simply Explained Display

September 2022 Constitution Day

September 2022 Friendship Month

September 2022 Periodicals

August 2022 National Golf Month

August 2022 Agriculture

July 2022 Independence Day

June 2022



Random Squirrel Picture