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About the CSI Library: New Monthly Titles

Mission, policies, services, staff, and contact information

What's New in the Library?

The CSI Library adds new books, DVDs, and other items to its collections all the time. The latest items show up for a short time in the "river" display beneath the Library Catalog search boxes. Each month, we put together a written list of select new items. Although, the Library is open to feedback and recommendations. Maintaining the collections at optimum level of usefulness for the students, faculty, and staff of the college is a work constantly in progress. The Library therefore invites all users to communicate all recommendations, requests, criticisms, praise, complaints, etc. to one of the Library staff so that the library can correct any problems that exist and maintain the Library’s ongoing goal of constant improvement. 

New Arrivals!

New Graphic Novel Section!

New Titles - February 2024

Nueva Sección de Libros en Español