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About the CSI Library: Library Advisory Committee

Mission, policies, services, staff, and contact information


Convened in the fall of 2006, the purpose of the Library Advisory Committee is to help the CSI Library provide information resources and services that meet the needs of the College community and support teaching, lifelong learning, and service functions of the College.

The Committee has campus-wide representation, including members from faculty, staff, administration, and students. Members of the committee provide invaluable input and feedback that helps the library’s mission by involving all stakeholders in planning for and assessing our resources and services.

Committee Chair



Reba Puente

Allison Beard

Skyler D. Bollar

Chris Bragg

Miranda M. Buren

Clark L. Draney

Joseph Gardner

David Horalek

Jonathan Lord

Tracey Meyerhoeffer

Lorraine Rapp